Tuan Chau Marina Harbor is the only man-made port to receive the Guinness World Records as the largest one in Vietnam. With an area of 111,840m2 and a length of 8km, this harbor is home to over 2,000 boats.

Booked a Ha Long Cruise trip, tourists will start their tour from the Tuan Chau Marina Harbor.

Tuan Chau Harbor

Location of the famous harbour

Tuan Chau Marina Harbor has a total length of over 10 km, with deep drafts, built in wind-tight areas, convenient for management as well as safety for ships entering and leaving, mooring and picking up passengers. The harbor is close to the national waterway, the attractions of Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island Biosphere Reserve.

In the harbor, there are luxury yachts and ships from all over the world waiting for tourists. Many restaurants, hotels and shopping centers bring more romantic to visitors when staying in the bay.

Tuan Chau Harbor  being looked from Ha Long Bay

Transportation to the harbor

Tuan Chau Marina Harbor is located on Tuan Chau Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay where Ms. Vietnam and Ms. World in 2004 and 2008 were held. Located on the coast of heritage, natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, the name Tuan Chau is no stranger to many people. This is the starting point for ships that bring thousands of visitors to the bay every day through the artificial passenger ship harbor.

The effective investment of Vietnamese largest artificial harbor

Ha Long Bay has two old harbors, namely Hon Gai Harbour and Bai Chai Habour. There is also another one, Tuan Chau Marina Harbor which is the largest one. This port is certified for the largest artificial harbor in Vietnam. After receiving the Vietnam Guinness World Record, Tuan Chau Group, the owner of the harbor, planned to register for Asian and Guinness World Records.

This artificial harbor receives over 2,000 cruise ships, the gateway to Ha Long Bay with about 8,000 visitors per day. If you want to travel by seaplane to Ha Long Bay, it takes 30 minutes from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay. The aircraft will also land at Tuan Chau Marina Harbor.

The harbor has been exploited following the model of “one destination, many utilities”. It is built in the Western style with full infrastructure including diverse services and offices for police, customs, border guards and tour guides. In addition, the harbor is also home to many duty-free shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment places that can meet the needs of all kind of passengers.

Capacity of the harbor

Tuan Chau Group has constantly innovated and boldly invested in this harbor. The new station replaced the old one in 2016. This is a modern, functional terminal that is 3 times larger than the old one with more than 3,000 m2, arranged 1,000 seats. It can simultaneously receive about 5,000 guests to check out Ha Long Bay.

In order to support the passengers, the harbor is arranged according to the functional subdivisions such as procedure area of the functional forces, supermarket area, children’s play area, clinics, traditional music and dance, post office and travel information area…

Tuan Chau Marina Harbor – gateway to Ha Long Bay

It also has a passenger support center with full information on the schedule of trips to Ha Long Bay, layout of drinking water supply, cold towels, free wife, standard toilets, and the roof system around the harbor with 1,500m long.

The harbor has installed more than 50 security cameras throughout the campus, digitizing all business methods by software, to create professionalism in controlling travelers, ships, and service. Since then, the harbor company can manage hawkers, find robbery, and bring dedicated service to visitors with friendly staffs.

It can be seen that the investment in the synchronous infrastructure of Tuan Chau Group is very necessary. This ensures the efficient organization of management activities for the development of tourism. Especially, when coming to Quang Ninh, tourists can enjoy convenient, safe, civilized and polite environment. It also help Quang Ninh province to preserve and promote the value of Ha Long Bay.

Tuan Chau Marina Harbor welcomes you on your trip to visit the world heritage.