Vung Vieng floating fishing village is a village with long-standing inhabitants, hidden precious historical and cultural values. It has about 60 households living, the villagers live by fishing and seafood farming. Let’s enjoy the pleasant and interesting days here.

Vung Vieng fishing village

Location of Vung Vieng floating fishing village

Vung Vieng floating fishing village in Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the north-east of Vietnam, close to Cua Ong – Hon Gai – Cam Pha and the former Van Don commercial port. It is about 25km from the mainland.

Transportation to the village

From Bai Chay cruise port, you take the boat to the Northeast about 30km and you can reach to Vung Vieng floating fishing village. Although floating on the sea, Vung Vieng has a “village gate” which is probably not seen anywhere in the world. It is a huge stone arch which is meticulously-carved to welcome visitors.

The origin of the Vung Vieng floating fishing village

Since ancient times, people living in Hai Phong often traded with China in this place. They often came here at lunchtime. When cooking, the lid of the pot was blown away by the wind so they called it the name “Vung Venh” which meaned that the lid was warped.

After a long time getting used to this land, they often sailed across the cave to enter the bay and thanks to the bay with calm waves, they avoided the storm. Because of this reason, people started to call this place “Vung Vieng” or “Vong Vieng”.

Vung Vieng was also called Vong Vieng

The new experience in a floating fishing village

To visit Vung Vieng, tourists have to take a boat (a small boat used mainly in the fishing village) and go through Cao Cave – a famous waterway of Bai Tu Long Bay. It is also considered as a natural village gate of Vung Vieng. Behind the gate is a blue sea, smooth as a mirror.

On the water, the girl villagers lightly paddle to bring the delegation to go sightseeing. Innocent kids play on the houses, they are good at swimming in the water as if they knew it as soon as they were born.

You can continue to explore Vung Vieng floating fishing village or Vong Vieng floating fishing village. The image of this floating village is very simple, some rafts lean back on the mountain with round floats to cultivate mussels to get pearls.

Different kinds of fish can be seen in Vung Vieng

Local life in Vung Vieng

The village has more than 60 households with about 300 people. Compared with other fishing villages in Ha Long Bay, Vung Vieng is the second largest village after Cua Van fishing village. The people living on the rafts are located close together along the edge of the island, mainly living by fishing and aquaculture.

This place also has a market. It is a kind of floating market where the food and the drink from the mainland as meat, vegetables … will be sold to the villagers.

Meet the local fishermen

Currently, Vung Vieng fishermen have been involved in tourism and built a floating cultural center for community activities, exhibiting pictures of Ha Long Bay, tools to catch fish… Visitors will have the opportunity to understand more about the life of fishermen.

You also have the opportunity to experience everyday life along with fishermen such as row bamboo boat, join the fishing trip to know how to throw and pull the net and remove each fish out of the net like a real fisherman.

Local life in Vung Vieng

Sightseeing in Vung Vieng

Moreover, you can kayak to go sightseeing around the bay, roll through the caves, stop at the white sand beach… or visit the fish farming and the mussel raising area… or enjoy local specialties at the sea. You can buy souvenirs made from shells and jewelry made from pearls.

If you stay overnight, you can participate in the program “Vung Vieng Night“. Under the lights of oil lamps and bright moonlight, you will be floating on the sea with rustic boats, hear the song of love, drop small flower boat, or fishing with fishermen.

The Vung Vieng fishing village tour will leave a deep impression on visitors to Ha Long Bay not only for its breathtaking beauty but also for its rich cultural heritage.

Let’s come one day and experience the wonderful lives in Vung Vieng floating fishing village.