Together with Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave is one of the most well-known caves in Ha Long Bay.

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Sung Sot Cave is a typical Karst cave, has high scientific value, and is a destination to attract tourists. Every year thousands of visitors to Ha Long Bay must explore this famous and interesting tourism destination.

Location of Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave is located on Bo Hon Island and in the central part of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay. On the road to Sung Sot Cave under the forest foliage, visitors climb the stone steps and feel extremely eager as going to the sky.

Transportation to the cave

Sung Sot Cave is usually arranged on the first day of Ha Long Bay two-day or three-day tour. You can book tours online, through local travel agents or directly hire cruise ships to visit Ha Long Bay and stop at this cave. The cave is about 14km south of Bai Chay wharf, belonging to the second Ha Long Bay tourism route.

A conner inside Sung Sot Cave

The interesting scenes inside the beautiful cave

When Sung Sot cave found?

Sung Sot Cave was discovered in 1901 by the French, they were surprised by the variation in the cave, so they called it Grotte Des Surprises (cave of surprise or shock). You can call the name Sung Sot Cave or Amazing Cave or Surprising Cave when asking local people the information of this cave.

From the pier of Bo Hon Island, you climb about 50 steep rock steps and then go down the next 20 stone steps to the cave, about 25 meters above sea level, hidden by the leafy foliage. From here you can see a wide calm beach area. Come into Sung Sot Cave, everyone is overwhelmed by the magnificence of the world stalactites.

In Sung Sot Cave, there is a paved road system running from the cave entrance to the exit, which is hundreds of meters long. The two sides of the aisle are pillars with lights on the top, they are decorative and illuminating road direction pillars. The lighting system is elegant with soft lights to enhance the beauty of the cave.

How large is the cave?

Sung Sot Cave has a total area of over 10,000m², divided into two main chambers, with various stone stalactites as the “beautiful sculpture” of nature, evoking rich imaginations such as elephants, seals, birds, old trees … Everything seems to move in a fanciful space.

The first chamber looks like a giant Opera House, ceiling with an arched roof and countless stalactites shimmering. In the middle of the cave, there are huge columns linking straight from the roof to the floor like strings of a musical instrument just waiting for the hand of the Creator to play a song.

Total area of Sung Sot Cave is over 10,000m²

Continuing through the narrow passage to the second chamber, a stream of light bursts into the glow, opening a completely different scene, the vast expanse of space that can hold thousands of people. The high roof of the cave, the walls, and countless cracks and crevices are evidence of millions of years of spectacular natural creation.

At the deepest point of this room, a “royal garden” appears with a clear pond and scenic views of the small mountains. Many birds and plants can be seen here. On some days, groups of monkeys stray from the dense vegetation of the island may appear to search for fruit.

Tourists walking inside Sung Sot Cave

The beauty of Sung Sot Cave

Right next to the entrance is stalactite shaped horse and a long sword, associated with the legend of Sung Sot Cave. It is said that, after defeating the An enemy, Giong Saint helped the people here chase the enemy, and then flew to heaven, leaving his sword and horse to reassure that the enemy did not dare to return.

The story of Sung Sot Cave is more persuasive because in the cave there are still many natural traces that seem to be marks of that fierce battle between Giong Saint and the enemy with many large broken rocks and horse footprints of the Saint becoming pretty ponds.

Outside Sung Sot Cave

Near the exit is an “enormous elephant” formation that stretches from the floor to the ceiling, tapering in the center to form a concave column that seems to hold the ceiling in place. Walking through the cave, your imagination can run wild with all sorts of wonderful shapes and fanciful creatures.

Let’s become a tourist of Ha Long Bay to explore the mystical beauty of Sung Sot Cave.