With the beauty that is given by Mother Nature, when visiting Thien Cung Cave, you will have a chance to enter a whole new magical world.

Together with Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave is one of most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. With the sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, Thien Cung Cave appears as a luminous, luxury paradise as if it’s in heaven. Each year, this destination attracts thousands of visitors from outside as well as inside Vietnam.

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Thien Cung Cave – one of attractions in Ha Long Bay

Location and Transportation:

Thien Cung Cave is located on Canh Doc island, which in the Southeast of Ha Long Bay, and only about 8 kilometers far from the center of Ha Long City.

It’s also situated in the North of Dau Go Island (Wooden Head Island) and only 4 kilometers far from the Harbor. Due to its convenient location, visitors can easily get access to Thien Cung Cave. All they have to do is to be on a cruise that includes Thien Cung Cave in its tour.

Stalactites of Thien Cung Cave

The legend related to the name Thien Cung Cave:

Once upon a time, there was a Dragon King. After helping Vietnamese people expel the invaders, he went back to his house, which was Thien Cung Cave.

Later on, we faced a severe drought which affected the lives of many people. A lot of Vietnamese at that moment packed their packs and went to find the Dragon King and asked for his help but they never returned. May and her parents were also included.

When May grew up, she and the Dragon Prince fell in love with each other. Their 7-day wedding was placed right in the center of Thien Cung Cave with the attendance of many gods, fairies and magical creatures.

The stalactites and  stalagmites were believed as the pictures of that day. That’s the reason why people called it Thien Cung Cave (In English, Thien Cung means Heaven).

On the other hand, there is also another explanation of the name Thien Cung Cave. In 1963, there was a huge storm took place in Ha Long Bay.

Some fishermen were unluckily got caught in the storm. When they tried to find a shelter, they saw a running monkey and they decided to follow the monkey to find a safe place to hide. That’s when they found Thien Cung Cave.

Going into the cave, the fishermen witnessed a lot of stalactites and stalagmites in the shape of Dragon, Phoenix and 4 huge stone collars, which brought back the feeling of entering a royal and luxurious palace. And the name caught on from there.

Thien Cung Cave is also called Heavenly Cave

Inside Thien Cung Cave:

The Thien Cung Cave entrance is about 25 meters above the sea level. In order to explore the cave, tourists will have to climb up a set of slippery stairs. There are also a lot of trees that cover the entrance of Thien Cung Cave. But, just believe me when I say, once you get inside, the scenery will erase all your tiresomeness.

Inside Thien Cung Cave, there are a lot of vividly stunning stalactites and stalagmites which are the results of the karst process in a long period. On the east side of the cave, visitors can also find a natural picture of ancient magical creatures that you can only see in movies or in fairy tales.

On the North West side of the cave, the stalactites and the stalagmites create a picture of dancing Heaven Maides which are believed as a congratulation performance in the wedding of May and the Dragon Prince.

From the ceiling of the cave, there are also stalactites and stalagmites hanging down, which make us think about the luxury curtains. In the middle of the cave, visitors can observe four huge colossal pillars which are holding the roof of the “Heaven Palace”.

You can also see many shapes of birds or fishes as well as scenes of humans which were engraved on the stalactites or stalagmites by Mother Nature. In the roof of the Heavenly Cave, there are also a few natural holes that allow rays of lights radiate the whole cavern.

The combination of colorful stalactites/ stalagmites and the natural lights make the atmosphere even more miraculous.

Inside Thien Cung Cave

Not only visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery inside the cave, but they will also have an excellent hearing experience. In some parts of the cave, people can hear the sound of beating drums which are believed as the Dragon King’s sound.

In fact, the sounds were created by the winds blowing through the holes inside the cave. Moreover, there are also 3 freshwater ponds inside the cave. According to the legend, May and her children used to bath in those ponds.

On the way out of the cave, you will also see a place that allows you to observe the overall view of Ha Long Bay. And then another set of stairs will mark your way out of the Cave.

Being one of the most popular destinations in Halong Bay, Thien Cung Cave will definitely not let you down. With a beautiful and gorgeous natural architecture, the number of travelers that choose to visit Thien Cung Cave is increasing every touring season.

It is promised that the experience in Thien Cung Cave will be one of a lifetime. So let’s enjoy our trip to Thien Cung Cave!


Tourist can visit Thien Cung Cave by booking Ha Long Fullday trip!