When it comes to the topic of tourist attractions in Halong Bay, Ti Top Island is definitely one of the most favorite destinations to visit. Coming to Ti Top Island, I guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience.

Lied in the heart of the famous World Heritage Ha Long Bay with only 8 kilometers far from Bai Chay Harbour, Ti Top Island is known as one of the most picturesque places that a lot of tourists want to visit once they come to Ha Long Bay.  

Titop Island being looked from Ha Long Bay

The story of the name: Ti Top Island

Years ago, according to traditional ways of talking, Ti Top Island was also known as the Red Cross Island or the Cemetery Island. This is due to an event happened in 1905, when a French cargo-boat crashed into hidden rocks causing the death of all crew members.

In 1962, the island was officially renamed to Ti Top by President Ho Chi Minh on his visit with German Titov, a famous Russian Cosmonaut, as a gesture of friendship to enhance the relationship between Russia and Vietnam.

Statue of German Titov on the Titop Island

Landscapes and scenery:

Although it is just a small island, many cruises have set it as a stop off in their itineraries. The reason lies in this island’s natural beauty. Different from other magnificent destinations that you can find in Ha Long Bay, Ti Top Island owns a unique, peaceful and romantic beauty. Surrounded by limestone mountains with a verdant side of trees and a deep blue oceanic side, Ti Top island gives us a harmonious and cozy atmosphere, which holds the visitor’s hearts.

From the top of the limestone mountain, travelers can see the undulating islands, the local boats as well as the overall view of Ha Long Bay. Not only does it offer travelers breathtaking landscapes, but this island is also famous for its romantic half-moon shaped beach called Ti Top Beach. Despite the small size, the beach possesses a picturesque view with white sand, crystal clear water, and a rich marine life.

From the peak of the Titop Island tourists can have a paramount view of Ha Long Bay

Transportation & Activities:

To visit Ti top, travelers need to join a cruise that includes Ti Top island on its itinerary. Once you get there, there will be a ton of activities that are waiting for you to try. In details:

  • The Ti Top Beach is the perfect place for visitors to relax, swim, sunbathe and have barbecues. With a clean and beautiful beach, it promises to be an ideal destination to rest and get rid of stress after hard working months. On the beach, there are also a lot of shops that sell and let us rent swimming suits, bikinis, sunscreen, and deck chairs. We can sit on the beach, enjoy the view while drinking coconut juice and having barbecues.
  • Along the beach, we can also find many restaurants which serve us fresh seafood and tasty local dishes. The Ha Long cuisine is really worth to try.
  • Snorkeling is also a great recommendation for visitors. Since Ti Top Island possess a rich marine life, it would be a waste not to explore the ocean. On the other hand, kayaking is also a favorite option that many people prefer. Renting a kayak, then you’re ready to go sightseeing around the island.
  • Go hiking is also a great activity if you want to witness the whole view of Ti Top Island. Believe me when I say the scenery from the top of the mountain is totally worth 427 steps.
  • If you’re not an active person, then there are a lot of shops that sell local crafts, seashell, and souvenirs. You can take your time and buy stuff for your friends and family there.

Tourists can go swimming at Titop Island

Nowadays, due to its popularity, tourists will face no difficulties in finding accommodations or services anymore. There are a lot of resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars and facilities that are ready to please even the pickiest tourists. With all the reasons above, Ti Top Island has proved itself to be one of the most attractive destinations in Halong that many international, as well as domestic tourists, want to visit. So what are you waiting for? Let’s pack our bags and enjoy a wonderful trip to Ti Top Island.