Viet Hai Village today is a community ecotourism site attracting large numbers of tourists on Cat Ba Island. Very few domestic travelers come here, but Viet Hai leaves an unforgettable impression of many foreigners.

Viet Hai village with old tranditional houses

Location of Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai Village is lied in the middle of the sea, surrounded by high mountains and jungle of Cat Ba National Park, Cat Hai Island, Hai Phong city. The original, unique natural landscapes with friendly people will make you remember this place for a long time.

Transportation to the village

Booked with Incredible Vietnam Travel, tourists will be sent go to Cai Beo passenger wharf and being carried to Lan Ha Bay, approximately 45 minutes to the east of Cat Ba National Park go on the new concrete road, through three mountain slopes and a submerged tunnel, you will see Viet Hai Village. You can also rent bicycles or take trams to the village.

The second way to the village is to walk from the primitive forests of the national park, follow the path of risky climbing through many steep slopes, caves, deep slopes, muddy, and shoal. This way takes eight hours so often only foreign tourists prefer the new challenges.


When you travel from Cat Ba town to Viet Hai Port, you will enjoy the beauty of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of small islands, sandy beaches, floating houses… On the road from the port to the village, you can stop to take pictures of the lake or the beautiful trees on the water. There is a path to the left where you will go through a cave. It is a great way to get to Viet Hai village.


Tourists on the way to Viet Hai fishing village

The charming rustic wilderness of the village

A fishing village

Visiting Viet Hai fishing village, tourists will feel the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the charming landscape of the northern village. Previously, Viet Hai was almost separated from the outside world. There are wild mountain forests and pristine landscape as the life of ancient Vietnam. It is also a unique place for tourists to participate in the journey to discover Cat Ba tour and the fishing villages.

The local people in Viet Hai still maintain their own life, keeping the “original” features. Families with several motorcycles are considered as the richest people in the village. Remarkably, there are very few domestic tourists to the village, but Viet Hai increasingly attracts many foreign tourists. Exploring Viet Hai fishing village is definitely one of the most unforgettable things when taking part in the Cat Ba Island tour.

Meet the local people

The villagers here are very friendly, honest and hospitable. In particular, all the houses in the village are open all day and night. Although without the owner, no one stole any furniture. If any family needs help, everyone in the village is ready for them. Immerse yourself in the peaceful life of the local people here, you will surely have a very enjoyable experience.

Viet Hai villagers here are very friendly

Cycling aroung Viet Haii village

Visitors to Viet Hai will have the chance to ride a bicycle to admire the tranquil setting of the village. Or they can hire motorbike taxi drivers who are farmers here. You can visit the old houses, take pictures of forest trees or meet the people and the buffalo working in the green field.

Many stilt houses and restaurants for tourists have also been opened ready to serve the needs of them. Here, visitors also enjoy the self-raised, self-cultivation food of local people such as chicken, duck or vegetable… If you want to eat shrimps or other seafood, just pick up a few nets, or call the fishermen in the neighborhood to buy.

The local people in Viet Hai Village are eagerly dreaming of turning their village into a unique “tourist island” and one of the Cat Ba attractions. Many old and young people always volunteer to do “tour guide” for the tourists. The village elder also selects local boys and girls sent to Cat Ba to learn English.

Viet Hai village – a unique “tourist island” and one of the Cat Ba attractions

Let’s take the time to discover all the good things of Viet Hai village in your Cat Ba tour.