It is one of the small beautiful islands in Lan Ha Bay, Nam Cat Island with seductive wild nature hiding among the numerous islands of diverse shapes that promises you an ideal place in the summer.

Nam Cat Island – a tropical paradise on Lan Ha Bay. Photo: internet

Location of Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island is located in Lan Ha Bay of Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong Province. A small island is about 5 km south of Cat Ba town, it is situated between the other small adjacent islands to create a poetic sea scenery.

Transportation to the island

After 30 minutes boat ride from Beo Wharf, you are on a wonderful island to admire the beautiful natural scenery. This place has many wooden houses surrounded by cliffs. It is included in the programe if you book a 3-day 2-night trip with Incredible Vietnam Travel, you will have options to stay in Monkey Island Resort or Nam Cat Island Resort.

To visit Nam Cat Island, tourists can slect any below trips:

At Nam Cat, tourists can admire the beautiful natural scenery. Photo: internet

Enjoy the tropical paradise on Nam Cat Island

An island of Lan Ha Bay

Nam Cat is one of the beautiful islands of Lan Ha Bay with a beach about 500m long and many small islands surrounding. With a cool and fresh climate, visitors can travel here at any time of the year. However, domestic tourists usually choose between April and October, while international tourists often visit from November to March.

From a distance, Nam Cat is an island with many uninhabited islands, green vegetation covered, surrounded by soft white sand forming some separate beaches. Beach is about 500m long, gradually down to calm sea, blue water, and moderate depth. It is a safe point for visitors to enjoy swimming.

Legend has it that, long time ago, Nam Cat Island was chosen as a delightful place for the fairies to play with waves, explore the beauty of the world without worrying about being disturbed by the eyes of people.

Nam Cat Island was chosen as a delightful place for the fairies to play with waves. Photo: internet

A beach destination

If you want to find a beach destination with peaceful scenery, Nam Cat Island is one of the excellent choices for you, especially for those who love to explore the island nature. From Nam Cat Island, tourists can also rent a boat to visit Lan Ha Bay, Three Peaches Islet, swim on Van Boi Island, Monkey Island (Cat Dua Island).

Or also you can visit and kayak in Van Gia fishing village, or walk in Viet Hai fishing village… The sea is quite gentle with no waves, it is convenient for visitor kayaking around the small islands and through the underground caves.

Interesting activities on Nam Cat Island

At Nam Cat, visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy the seafood special features but also to explore the serene coast with small fishing villages, feeling like living apart from the rest of the hustle and bustle world.

With a Kayak, adventurous people can enjoy exploring the calm waters around the island such as Sen Island, Cu Island, Bat Cave, Dark Cave, the village aquaculture… You can also buy fresh seafood from the fishermen and then enjoy them when coming back to Nam Cat.

Nam Cat is also a wonderful place for those who like sea fishing. If you go with a large group, the campfire on the deserted beach with delicious seafood is always the unforgettable night for you and your friends.

Nam Cat Island is an ideal place for kayaking. Photo: internet

Accommodation on Nam Cat

On the island of Nam Cat, you can rent rooms of Sandy Beach Resort. The resort has separate rooms built right next to the beach equipped with the electric fan, private bathroom to serve tourists stay overnight with beautiful view, looking directly to the sea. Or you can stay at Nam Cat Island Resort.

With its unique wooden architecture, all sides are surrounded by limestone cliffs and the front facing the sea. There are 04 guesthouses (about 60 m2), 32 rooms with 44 beds, and a restaurant serving food. The resort also offers you a range of services such as kayaking, submarine diving, firewood camping, night fishing on floating house, visiting Viet Hai fishing village, Monkey Island and Lan Ha Bay.

A bungalow of Sandy Beach Resort on Nam Cat Island. Photo: internet

Ecotourism on Nam Cat

Ecotourism and exploration are the strengths of Nam Cat Island. Over the years, with the policy of “development associated with reservation”, people in Nam Cat Island do not over-focus the profit but the direction of sustainable development and close to nature.

To do this is a great determination and vision of the people who do tourism business here. With the current trend of tourism development that is proving to be right, not only promote the value of tourism but also contribute actively preserve and honor the hidden beauty and charm of the Cat Ba Island. If you have the opportunity to explore Lan Ha Bay, let’s come to visit Nam Cat Island.

Beautiful landscape of Nam Cat Island. Photo: Internet