Ha Long Bay has many exotic rock formations and the shimmering stalactites inside the caves. Like some caves in Ha Long Bay, Trinh Nu Cave is associated with a touching story about the love of a fishing village couple. Let’s come to discover and hear the interesting folk word of mouth of this cave.

Trinh Nu (Virgin Cave). Photo: internet

Location of Trinh Nu Cave

Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave) lies on the two wings of a small mountain arc in the east of Bo Hon Island on Ha Long Bay, more than 3km southeast of Sung Sot Cave. This place is 15 km south of Bai Chay Beach.

Transportation to the cave

Virgin Cave is 16 km from Tuan Chau Marina Harbour. Virgin Cave and Trong Cave are in the second route on Ha Long Bay, including Sung Sot Cave (or Soi Sim) – Dong Tien Lake (or Trong Cave, Virgin Cave or Bo Nau Cave, Luon Cave). You can buy a package tour to visit all of these attractions.

Virgin cave – one of most beautiful cave in Ha Long Bay. Photo: Internet


The romantic love story of Virgin Cave

Virgin Cave is associated with a touching love story of a fishing village couple. Legend has it that there was a beautiful poor girl working for a wealthy family. Seeing her beauty, the landlord forced her family to marry her as a wife, she refused because she had a lover who was out to the sea fishing for the preparation of their wedding.

When the landlord did not do anything with the girl, he sent her to the desert island to defeat her strong will. The girl died of starvation and exhaustion. During the rainy night, the girl turned into a rock in the island. Knowing that she was in trouble, the young man sailed to find her.

The storm made his boat broken, he drifted to a deserted island. In the lightning, he looked out and recognized the girl but the words he called the girl was swept away by the wind. He hit a rock against the cliffs and told her that he had come. He knocked when the blood flowed in his hands until exhausted and he petrified.

Virgin Cave is where the girl was petrified. Opposite to Virgin Cave is Trong Cave (also known as Boy Cave) where the boy was petrified. The statue of a petrified young man facing the Virgin Cave still remains today.

Virgin Cave is a romantic but sad love story. Photo: Internet

Enjoy the impressive experience in Virgin Cave

Visiting Virgin Cave, you will hear a lot about the touching love story between a boy and a girl. The fishermen consider this place their dear home, while the couples loving each other consider as the place of the vow and the symbol of immortal love.

The Virgin Cave is also an archaeological monument on Ha Long Bay. Based on the results of the survey, the archeologists believe that Virgin Cave is an ancient pottery vestige in the old Van Don trading system, even though it is a small and irregular port.

Walk through the open space on the edge of the water, in the center of the compartment is a gray stone in lion shape, we must spit through the door to enter the center. The hexagonal center with each side of 3 meters long and 5 meters high is a sculpture works fine art.

Couples loving each other consider as the place of the vow and the symbol of immortal love. Photo: internet

In the yellow light through the archway, the center is sparkling in the ivory white of stalactites. Countless stalagmites with a lot of shapes such as slim, slender, healthy muscular or delicate one, linked together into a huge craved pictures on the cave wall. The stalactites on the ceiling drift down to the cave floor, popping up the pleasant sounds in the quiet space.

This place is connected to the inside through a snail-shaped door. The inside is a high rectangular cylinder distributed in the north-south direction. Apart from the sculptures that have been left on the cave wall as worship in the temple, prominent is the white stone pillar carved image of the girl is sitting in the wind. Her hair is long, wavy, and loose on the cliff.

The entrance of Virgin Cave. Photo: Internet

If you visit Virgin Cave, do not overlook Trong Cave because these caves are representative of the love story. You can take medicines to avoid seasickness and bring allergy medication and mosquitoes spray when visiting the cave. Let’s come to Virgin Cave to experience the wonders of nature as well as the extremely interesting story here.