Mai Chau

Mai Chau Valley – A Cool Valley for Family Relex

Likened to Sapa, Mai Chau is not far from Hanoi, Vietnam. Since this rural area in Northern Vietnam takes only a few hours to get to, you will be able to spend much quality time in Mai Chau even on a 1 day tour. With its wide-open rolling rice paddies, karst mountains, and quaint villages, the rural valley of Mai Chau is the ideal overnight tour escape from Hanoi.

Home to the White and Black Thai communities, the rural valley is home to some of the most successful homestay tourism villages such as the Lac and Poom Coong. If you are looking to spend the night in the village, stay with a local family in their stilt houses or in one of the lodges available in the valley.


Things to See When you Tour to Mai Chau


A lot can be covered in a Mai Chau day tour. As you begin your Mai Chau tour, you will pass Thung Khe Pass. Decorated with an array of food stalls, grab a quick bite to eat as you admire the white cliffs in the background.

A hidden spot in Mai Chau, Vietnam are the caves amongst its karsts. Mai Chau tours that take you along the trekking trails will lead you to the Mo Luoung and Chieu caves, two of the biggest caves the valley has to offer.


Tour Mai Chau with Incredible Vietnam


One of the best ways to explore the interconnected paths that lead to the traditional stilt houses of Mai Chau is to go on a bike tour. This way, you will be able to ride through the rice fields, dirt roads, and mountainous areas while revelling in the magnificent change in scenery. You could choose to tour and explore the vastness of Mai Chau by yourself or join a local guide who will lead you along biking trails.

Depending on the Mai Chau tour route taken and the season you have decided to start your Mai Chau tour, you might be able to see the opulent green rice fields and terraced mountains.

Embark on the perfect day trip to Mai Chau on a bike tour. On the Mai Chau tour from Hanoi, our guide will give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to mingle with the locals, and savour traditional meals in the village.

For a detailed itinerary of our Mai Chau 1 day tour, view here.

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