Hanoi, Duong Lam Village & Perfume Pagoda

Located along the Red River, the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, boasts ancient pagodas, unique museums, and multicultural communities. If it is your first visit to Hanoi, embark on a day tour or multi-day tour with Incredible Vietnam. Our Hanoi travel guides will take you on the most unforgettable tours.

Tourist Attractions in Hanoi

With a fine balance between the evolving art scene and colonial and ancient architecture of Vietnam, there are several tourist attractions in Hanoi that every traveller should visit when in one of the fastest-growing countries in South-East Asia.

A few of these attractions that you could visit on a day tour from Hanoi include:

1. The Temple of Literature in Hanoi

A picturesque and serene complex, the Temple of Literature, Hanoi, that consists of 5 courtyards was built in 1070. Dedicated to Confucius, the ancient literature temple of Hanoi was originally Vietnam’s first national university.

School to some of the most brilliant minds in Vietnam, the Hanoi Temple of Literature signifies an era of an equal and fair education system in the country.

2. Hanoi Museums

Other well-preserved traditional Vietnamese architecture besides the Hanoi Temple of Literature, are aplenty, as you venture around Hanoi on a city tour. If there was one place that any traveller should visit to get a full picture of Hanoi’s culture, heritage, and history, it would be its museums.

3. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi

One of the many museums in Hanoi, the Vietnam Ethnology Museum Hanoi is an ideal place to learn about the 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam.

The Ethnology Museum of Hanoi is packed with information, promoting the cultural diversity of Vietnam. With outdoor displays and large exhibition halls, the 15,000 artifacts in the museum of Ethnology in Hanoi offers an unrivalled glimpse of Vietnam’s community life.

4. The Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi

Also known as Bao Tang My Thuat, the Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi was opened in 1966. One of Hanoi, Vietnam’s most valuable institutions, the Hanoi museum displays over 20,000 valuable art objects from folk-native paintings and artifacts to sculptures.

5. National History Museum, Hanoi

A place that history buffs will appreciate when in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi – the Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi was built before 1932. Exhibiting jewellery and bronzes from the past, this educational site is one of the top museums in Hanoi.

Perfume Pagoda, Hanoi 

The Perfume Pagoda near Hanoi is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Vietnam. With the Hanoi Pagoda complex boasting temples and shrines, it is a place that many visit for spiritual reasons.

One of the best ways to explore the area before heading to the Pagoda, is to cruise along the Hanoi Yen River.

Ocean Tours from Hanoi

Ocean tours are another fun way to explore Hanoi. One of the most popular ocean tours from Hanoi is the Ha Long Bay and Red River delta tour that takes you off the beaten track.

Ha Long Bay Tour from Hanoi

Whether you are looking for a day tour to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi or a multi-day tour, Incredible Vietnam offers a variety of ocean tour packages if you are looking to spend the day away from the bustling city of Hanoi. Browse our Ha Long Bay tour packages here.

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There are two famous sub-destinations nearby Hanoi: Duong Lam Village & Pefurme Pagoda:

History of Duong Lam Village

With a history spanning over 1,200 years, the Duong Lam Ancient Village, located West of Hanoi, has become a common tourist attraction in recent years.

Once home to 2 of Vietnam’s Kings who had led resistance wars, the village is scattered with temples to show honour and reverence for their merit. Housing ancient houses that are about 400 years old, the commune of Son Tay town gives visitors a rare glimpse into the origins of Vietnamese culture and traditions.

With the Ministry of Culture and Information in Vietnam recognising the ancient village as a national relic, this UNESCO-awarded village is a place to visit if you would like to experience both rural life and unique architecture.

Communal Houses in Duong Lam Ancient Village

The perfect destination to not only learn historical facts but also one where myths and legends are part of its cultural narrative, Duong Lam is painted with several things to see.

The Duong Lam Village consists of 5 villages: Doan Giap, Cam Lam, Cam Tanh, Dong Sang, and Mong Phu. In each of these small villages, lies a communal house dedicated to important figures.

These places of worship are frequented by the locals to pay tribute to their ancestors. These communal houses include:

  1. The Doan Giap and Cam Lam houses that were built for Phung Hung, one who won against invaders in the past. It was once believed that locals made sacrifices here in times of calamity.
  2. The Cam Thanh house dedicated to Phuc Dien from the Le Dynasty.
  3. Dong Sang village has 441 houses and the Dong Sang communal house that was once burnt down, has now been restored.
  4. The Mong Phu communal house is dedicated to the god Tan Vien Son. About 1,800 square metres wide, the architecture of the building that features the main gate, carved wooden dragons and tigers, and a laterite fence, is one to be admired.

Other Sites in Duong Lam Ancient Village

Other sites include the ancient citadel of Son Tay and the many temples that scatter the Duong Lam Village. These include the Ngo Quyen temple, that was built in 1874 for the King Ngo Quyen, the temple of King Phung Hung, and the Mong Phu temple.

When at Duong Lam, the Mia Pagoda cannot be missed too. The 0.76metres high pagoda, which was built in the 15th century, boasts 287 statues and other ancient artifacts. 

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