Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay

Sail Through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Northeast Vietnam. Also known as “Bay of the Descending Dragon,” the emerald green waters of Ha Long Bay sustain the floating community of fishermen.

You can interact with the fishermen from your luxury cruise on your Ha Long Bay trip. Every traveller who has seen the Ha Long Bay karst towers from cruises or speedboats have been left in awe, and you could too!

Ha Long Bay Tours

If you have decided to have an adventure on your Ha Long Bay trip, a Ha Long Bay tour from Hanoi is highly recommended. Hanoi and Ha Long Bay are about 165 kilometres apart, and most tour companies from Hanoi include transportation to and around Ha Long Bay in their tour package.

Whether you are cruising Ha Long on a 4-hour trip, or a 6-hour trip, there are several must-visit spots in Ha Long that may not be accessible unless you cruise the area with an experienced tour guide.

Most of these hidden gems can be explored while on a Ha Long Bay boat tour or even a Ha Long budget cruise.

Most Ha Long Bay tour operators in Vietnam offer a wide variety of options from ocean tours of Ha Long Bay to Ha Long Bay private tours that you can enjoy in small groups.

Ha Long Bay Cruise Tours

Why go to Ha Long on a 1-day cruise, when you can spend 3 days at the magnificent Ha Long Bay on a luxury cruise trip with Incredible Vietnam? Be it a Ha Long mid-range cruise or a Ha Long 4-star cruise, travelling around this tourist destination while at sea is a must.

Many tourists who flock to Ha Long Bay tend to sign up for a boat cruise. Probably one of the best ways to see all of its beauty, being part of a Ha Long Bay cruise tour is a must if you are looking to spend a few nights uncovering hidden parts of the island.

If you have opted for a Ha Long Cruise, check your Ha Long Bay package tours to see if activities such as kayaking are part of the tour experience, like our Ha Long Bay 2D1N cruise package.

Ha Long Bay Day Tours

Day tours from Hanoi are the next best option if Ha Long Bay multi-day cruise tours like our Ha Long 3D2N cruises are not your cup of tea. Most Ha Long Bay day tours begin at Hanoi, where there they take you to Ha Long for a cruise around the island for a few hours.

Multi-day trips like our Ha Long 3D2N cruises may include a Lan Ha Bay 1 day trip, allowing you to experience more than a Ha Long full day trip from Hanoi.

We have a vast range of Ha Long Bay tours from Ha Long 2-star cruises that is pocket-friendly to Ha Long 1 day deluxe cruise trips. Browse our tour packages below.

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